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			Saltwater	 Aquariun Stocking Calculator
Intelligent Saltwater Aquarium Stocking Calculator to help you setup correct stocks and filters for your aquariums and saltwater fish. (Build 2012 03 29)
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To new tropical fish keepers: is a tool/calculator that helps you determine your tropical fish stocking plans. It does not guarantee that the selected species will completely get along in the long run. We are making every efforts to identify potential problems and display them as warnings, but this takes time as knowledge database grows. Through weekly releases, accuracy will improve gradually. We highly recommend you to do further research, discuss results on your favorite aquarium forums and websites. Your favorite aquarium forums won't necessarily endorse or agree with the recommendations reported by Use to get general stocking recommendations but do your own research BEFORE buying any species. We highly recomend that new tropical fish keepers understock (less than 100%) their aquarium tanks.

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